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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The second and third week of painting class

Step 5: Draw in the outlines with a bold think paintbrush and look for any drawing errors

Step 6: Color in all the objects within the still life using their primary color. 
No shading or highlighting should be added at this point. You only want to get the 
basic color to give you an idea of where to add shadows and highlights.

Step 7: Color in background and foreground

Step 8: Begin to paint in the shadows and darkest colors. When using oils paints,
 you should always paint from darkest to lightest. Your dark colors should have a 
 thin application of paint, and your light colors and highlights should include
 the areas with the heaviest application of paint. Only pick one object to apply 
shadows and highlights to at a time. Then move to objects near to the lastly painted object.

Step 9: Begin to add highlights to the objects in the painting. Make sure you are aware 
of where the light source is coming from at directed at. Highlights do not only
 include the color white, they often include yellow. Make sure to paint what you are actually seeing.

Step 10: Now you can begin to add details to your painting. Look at everything. 
Make sure lines aren't blurred, and the highlights and shadows make sense. 
Especially pay close attention too and add detail to the cat in the picture,the blanket and the bird.

Step 11: Make sure your background and foreground incorporate the desired texture. 
The entire painting should look much like the real thing at this point.

Step 12: Make any last adjustments to detail as you perfect the painting.

Step 13: Step back and admire your work!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On my first day of actually painting in class I started a still life painting.

Step 1: Gesso the canvas as a primer for the painting. The gesso I used was acrylic based.

Step 2: Grab a cup of mineral spirits to thin the paint and clean my brushes as needed.

Step 3: Tone the canvas using your largest brush with lots of mineral spirits and a little bit of burnt sienna oil paint.
                 Step 4: Add more sienna to the paintbrush to draw in                           objects with abstract spaces. This was done using a                               homemade view finder.


Gesso: a hard compound of plaster of Paris or whiting in glue used for priming canvas

mineral spirits:a petroleum distillate that is used especially as a paint or varnish thinner

PaletteThe range of colors used in a particular painting or by a particular artist

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

About me!

Hi, my name is Tianny Talbott. It's a unique name, I know but it's uniqueness fits me quite well. It's actually a Cherokee word that means "goddess of the hunt divine". I don't actually enjoy hunting, but nature has always been inspirational to me. I was born in Edenburgh, Tx a small town located just above the border of Mexico. When I was a little over a year old my parents moved me to Tulsa,OK, which is where I now reside.
     Throughout my entire life art has been a major passion. My third Christmas I was given my first set of paints and canvas and began to exhibit an exceptional skill in the fine arts. Whenever times became difficult I would resort to art as a way of coping. It was a place I could release my inner thoughts and emotions without judgment from others. The release of emotions I found in art could be described as nothing more that a gift from God, that only a few are blessed with. I do not plan on using it as a career but it is something that I will treasure and use as a hobby and passion for the rest of my life.
     When I started high school I began my first legitimate art class. Within the first week I remember my teacher telling me I was his most prominent student and that he knew, and that I would go far with my artistic abilities. After my ninth grade year I switched schools and my art teacher refereed me to the Tulsa Tech art program. He informed me that this new teacher had actually taught him in his younger years. After my transfer I took my ninth grade art teacher's advice and joined the Tulsa Tech program, where I continued studying art technique for the rest of high school.
     In my Tech class I learned how to use many computer programs such as Photo shopIn Design, and Adobe Illustrator. This was a new means of art to me, and according to the teacher, I managed and displayed my abilities in it quite desirably. I excelled in all art aspects, including the fine art. I won first place in the regional Advertisement Design competition, followed by my first place in the Tulsa National Aeronautics Art Show. I also won multiple painting and drawing compitions. So to continue my education and practice in the arts I, of coarse, had to join a few art classes in college. So I will now begin a new chapter in my life and continue to thrive on the knowledge I obtain.  I have enlisted in a painting class, a place where I know I will enjoy myself. You can view some of my artwork online at inspirebytianny.blogspot.com